Gordon Webster and His Band


Pianist Gordon Webster is one of the most sought after musicians in the lindy hop world. His tremendous musicianship and passion, supported by his first-hand knowledge of social dancing, have inspired lindy hoppers at hundreds of dance events worldwide. Drawing on influences as diverse as Fats Waller, Count Basie, Oscar Peterson and Gene Harris, Webster serves up a smorgasbord of styles unified by one characteristic: irresistible danceability.

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Gordon是目前世界上最著名的摇摆乐钢琴演奏家之一也是乐队的灵魂,他非常有激情;有感染力。同时他也非常了解摇摆舞者,每一节乐队的演奏他都会很好的把控每首歌的节奏让舞者感觉非常舒服。去年他在北京临走前是这样说的 “在北京演出的第一晚我们彼此有些陌生,但是到了第三晚我们就紧紧的拥抱在一起,我很享受这个过程。”
如果你是一位Lindy Hopper的话你的手机里一定有一首Gordon乐队的歌,我想你也一定会喜欢他们的现场演出的。