1. Organizer

SWINGTIME BALL 2019 TEAM is the Organizer of this event. Final decisions on all matters pertaining to these competitions rest solely with the Organizer.

2. Responsibilities of the Organizer

  • SCHEDULE – The Organizer will determine the date and time for each competition and the location for the Competitors’ Meeting, and will announce this information prior to the event. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel a division if the number of entries is below the minimum of three (3) couples((5) competitors for Solo) and to rearrange the schedule if necessary. Cancellation of a division would result in the refund of any applicable competitor entry fees.
  • AWARDS – The Organizer will determine and award all prizes.
  • PRELIMINARIES,  FINALS, AND HEATS – At any time prior to the Competition, the Organizer reserves the right to determine whether or not a division will consist of a Preliminary and a Final, and whether or not rounds are danced in heats or as spotlight. This decision will be communicated as soon as possible, on the website or through announcements at the event.

3. Eligibility to Compete

  • COUPLE – A couple consists of one leader and one follower.
    • Hold a full weekend/Party package ticket to the 2019 Swingtime Ball
    • Pay the required entry fees
    • Sign the waiver. No Competitor will be allowed to compete without a signed Waiver. Competitors under 18-years of age must have a parent or guardian sign their Waiver and any other required forms
    • Register by the official entry deadline
      • The complete Entry Form
      • The signed Waiver for each competitor
      • Payment for Entry into the competition
    • Meet all the specific requirements outlined in these rules

4. Responsibilities of Competitors

  • RULES – All Competitors are responsible for reading and understanding the rules prior to the 2016 CLHC. Competitors are responsible for adhering to these rules whether or not they have been read.
  • COMPETITORS’ MEETING – Competitors meeting are schedule on the day of your competition unless otherwise noted. Although not mandatory,  all information regarding the competition will be discussed at that time. It is the competitors responsibility for knowing that information.
  • DANCE ORDER – Drawing for dance order will take place at the competitors meetings.
  • DEADLINES – Failure to comply with deadlines and failure to show up 15 minutes prior to your competition for check in,  may result in disqualification from competing in the event without a refund of entry fee. These decisions will be made solely at the discretion of the Organizer.
  • JUDGING CRITERIA – The Relative Placement System will be used to judge all the competitions at the 2019 CLHC. Judges decisions are final.

5. Cancellations

  • REFUND of PASSES – Get 80% Refund before Sep .01; Get 50% Refund before Sep.20No refund after Sep.20.
  • REFUND of COMPETITION ENTRY FEE – Refunds of competition fees can be requested through Sep 14, 2019.


1. 组织者


2. 组织者职责

  • 比赛安排 – 组织者将组织每一项比赛的参赛者会议,制定并提前告知参赛者会议的日期和地点。比赛项目设置最少参赛人数为3对(Solo独舞比赛为5人),若比赛报名不足该人数,组织者有权利取消该项比赛,并对比赛日程进行微调。因官方原因取消比赛的项目参赛者将得到报名费的退还。
  • 颁奖 – 组织者制定比赛的奖品奖项。
  • 预赛、决赛、批次 – 在比赛开始前,组织者有权决定每个项目比赛是否设置预赛、或是否分批比赛、最终决定将会通过网站、邮件等宣传媒介告知参赛选手。

3. 参赛资格

  • 搭档比赛– 一对搭档要包含一个Leader和一个Follow。
  • 参赛要求
    • 持有STB2019全程通票舞会通票
    • 缴纳相应项目参赛报名费用
    • 比赛前以电子签名形式,签署比赛免责协议。
    • 在报名截止日期前完成报名和付费
    • 完成以上所有细则要求

4. 参赛者职责

  • 规则 – 所有参赛者有责任阅读并了解所有的规则。参赛者默认为知悉所有规则,无论阅读与否。
  • 参赛者赛前会议 – 参赛者会议通常会在所参加比赛的当日进行,会议将传达和重申比赛形式,规则。参赛者有责任在比赛前了解比赛规则。
  • 参赛顺序 – 参赛者将在赛前会议中抽取出场顺序
  • 截止日期 – 在所参加比赛前15分钟进行比赛签到。如未到场,则有可能被取消参赛规则,并且无法得到退款。
  • 评分准则 – 全部比赛的评分采用相关性排序计分系统。

5. 取消规则

  • 通票 – 9月1日前退票,我们将退还您所付票款的80%;9月20日前退票,我们将退还您所付票款的50%;9月21日及以后,官方不予退票。
  • 转票STB不设置官方转票平台,但如您有所需要可以进行民间转票,但如果你的票种带有课程,则需转给同等级别以及同样角色的舞者。