DJs 唱片骑师

2020摇摆盛典DJ总负责 DJ Coordinator
周鲁城 Master Lu


近三年负责STB DJ统筹和赛事摄制。
平时参与很多Swing 相关的影视作品创作中,所以你可能没听过他DJ,但是不太可能没看过他做的片子。
DJ Lu Chen, also known as Master Lu,fallen in love with swing dance about five years ago. You can find him in Beijing.
In the past three years,Master Lu was in charge of the DJ arrangment and competitions filming. He also involves in the production of swing-related films and MV. You may not hear him DJ,but you definitely watched some of his works. Having enjoying swing dance in various swing events both at home and abroad,Master Lu is fond of exchanging ideas and making friends. You are always welcomed to talk about DJ or filming things with him!Master Lu could always satisfy your curiosity!


羽来坚信Swing dance的精髓在于传统Swing音乐,而同时音乐的多样化能激发舞者的兴趣。他喜欢播放趣味及罕有的音乐,并用他的音乐来激发舞者的创造力。现在广州,羽来曾经在美国东海岸及中西部地区DJ,并DJ过以下活动:Herrang Dance Camp, Midwest Lindyfest, Swingtime Ball, Hong Kong Swing Festival等。

Yulai believes that classic Swing music is the soul of Swing dancing, while recognizing that variety ignites excitement in dancers. Thus, with his large collection and wide range of music, Yulai is inspired to play music that is playful and rare, and promotes creativity on the dance floor with his music selections. An experienced DJ both nationally and internationally, he has DJed for Herrang Dance Camp, Midwest Lindyfest, Swingtime Ball, Hong Kong Swing Festival, Hawkeye Swing Fest etc as well as various dances around Guangzhou China, Washington D.C., and the Midwest of U.S..


她是Count Basie的忠实拥趸,企图记住自己音乐库里所有歌,给每一首歌添加注释,注释记录歌曲的气氛、有意思的地方和需要注意的地方(比如count basie的小号)。最开心的是舞会结束后有人说“我喜欢你放的歌”。现在北京,是猫角的常驻DJ之一。
Yoyo loves Count Basie from heart and soul. She tries to remember every song in her swing music library. She adds a short comment for every song. The comment records feelings, intresting points and noticeable points(such as the shrill trumpet voice of Count Basie). After the party, a sincere praise can always delight Yoyo. Yoyo is one of the permanent DJs of Cat’s Corner Beijing.

More guest DJs TBA 更多客座DJ即将公布